Who are the people I will meet at Envision Solution, LLC

Envision Solution, LLC is an elite group of Consumer Advisers who have successfully helped thousands of timeshare owners terminate their timeshare contracts when timeshare ownership no longer suits their budget or lifestyle. Each of our representatives are committed to providing our clients with a 100% Guaranteed Timeshare Relief Solution.

Why was Envision Solution, LLC started?

Envision Solution, LLC was started to help distressed timeshare owners get rid of unwanted or unused timeshares. Envision Solution, LLC is a company committed to helping timeshare owners get out of timeshare contracts using a proprietary method that has come to be known as the one and only Guaranteed Timeshare Relief Solution.

Who is Envision Solution, LLC designed to help?

Envision Solution, LLC provides a service reserved for any and all timeshare owners who no longer use their timeshares. There will almost always come a point in a timeshare owner’s life when timeshare ownership no longer makes sense. Perhaps your children are all grown up or your spouse has passed away, and you stopped taking as many family vacations as you used to. Maybe you lost your job or took a pay cut, and now you can’t afford to keep your timeshare anymore. Have skyrocketing maintenance fees and periodic special assessments gotten the best of your checkbook? Are you tired of wasting money on timeshare resale companies and listing services that yield no results? Whether you inherited an unwanted timeshare or are frustrated by all the roadblocks associated with scheduling a vacation, Envision Solution, LLC can help!

Is Envision Solution, LLC a listing company or resale company?

No. Envision Solution, LLC is not a listing service or a timeshare resale company, and therefore DOES NOT charge any listing fees, advertising fees, or appraisal fees, nor make any false promises to sell your timeshare to an unknown and mysterious buyer. However, Envision Solution, LLC DOES provide its clients with a valuable service and will only request payment for the services provided.

Are there any qualifications I must meet in order to use Envision Solution, LLCs’ service?

We’re glad you asked! Envision Solution, LLC only accepts a limited amount of timeshares. Your timeshare must also be on our list of approved properties for acceptance.

How will Envision Solution, LLC help me get of my timeshare?

Envision Solution, LLC works with professionally licensed, bonded, and insured title agencies with our lawyer’s to remove your name from your timeshare. Depending on the property of record, title is transferred via deed, membership, lease, assignment, or as required by resort official governing documents such as covenants, conditions, or restrictions.

What if I have a current reservation with my resort or a week banked with an exchange company?
If you have already paid to use or bank your timeshare week, then you should still use your timeshare vacation week. We will make sure that it will not interfere with your reservation.

Does your service involve me getting into another timeshare vacation package or becoming a vacation club member?

No. Envision Solution, LLC just helps timeshare owners get out of timeshare contracts and is all about providing you with RELIEF.

Can my children inherit my timeshare when I die?

In most cases, the heirs, successors or assigns of a timeshare owner can inherit the timeshare, and the financial obligation that comes with its ownership, when the owner dies. What many timeshare sales people won’t highlight, and what many timeshare owners fail to realize, is that most timeshare contracts include a “perpetuity” clause. Perpetuity means “eternity”. What this means is that timeshare ownership is a life-long commitment that requires you, and then your heirs, successors or assigns, to pay all timeshare fees forever. If you know that your children do not want your timeshare, then the best thing to do is to call Envision Solution, LLC and have us get you out of your timeshare so that your children will not inherit the timeshare.

Why should I use Envision Solution, LLC  to get rid of my timeshare?

Envision Solution, LLC is the industry leader for helping families get rid of timeshares. Envision Solution, LLC has a proven track record of assisting families  to get out of timeshares. Envision Solution, LLC offers its clients an intelligent timeshare exit solution with a 100% guarantee for its service. Envision Solution, LLC is a valid and reputable company with consistently proven results. Envision Solution, LLC  may be your only way to get rid of an unwanted or unused timeshares.

Can I talk to someone on the phone?

Yes. You may call our toll-free number  to speak with a skilled representative and they can set up a discovery specialists to meet with you in person. You may also submit your contact information directly through our Web site to have a representative call you. We are always delighted to help!